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MS-1 and VoIP-1 quick comparison



This note explains in non-technical terms what makes an MS-1 different than a VoIP-1.


To start with, the MS-1 is a SIP trunk while the VoIP-1 is a SIP endpoint. While both devices use SIP to establish calls and both are only able to take calls in rather than call out, there are some key differences in behavior.


The MS-1

  • Does not need to register to a proxy server.
  • Can accept multiple calls at once.
  • So long as SIP invite packets arrive at the MS-1 it will accept the call.
  • It can operate off Lan 1 of an MS-1 or LAN 3 as the network demands.


The VoIP-1

  • Needs to register to a proxy server at set intervals, these intervals are defined by the proxy server.
  • As such it needs to authenticate to the proxy server before it can join the networks.
  • Calls get routed to the VoIP-1 via the VoIP proxy host.
  • It can be configured to have 1-4 lines depending on the need of the system and the number of cards installed.


Please note that the MS-1 and VoIP-1 have different sets of instructions detailed on our VoIP landing page on Cornerstone

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