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R Series speaker throw distance chart

Biamp's Community R Series of loudspeakers encompasses a wide range of products with a variety of coverage patterns and throw distances. The chart in this article helps to estimate the maximum distance that each R series loudspeaker model can achieve a listening level of 96 dBSPL when powered using the recommended amplification.

R Series projection distances

This chart is intended to assist with R series speaker suggestions based on an SPL requirement at "X" distance. The distances are based on the speaker being driven at low impedance per the suggested amplifier size using an AES pink noise stimulus signal.   

This chart is not inclusive of any potential cable losses, transformers, equalization or atmospheric effects. It accounts for Inverse Square law relative to a 1m distance. 

2020 R SERIES_Effective Operating Distances_1.png

Why 96dB? 

The SPL level of 96 dB was chosen based on our design experience with "typical" outdoor areas that often have background (ambient) noise levels in 74-84dB range. It is our experience that the average crowd noise levels in typical smaller outdoor sports venues is in the 75-85dB range.

To achieve intelligible speech, the level reproduced by a loudspeaker at the point of observation generally should be 10-15dB higher than the ambient noise levels within the voice range. Therefore, if your loudspeaker system can achieve 96dB at the listening location, it should provide good speech intelligibility in most typical environments.

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