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Using Modena with iOS devices

iOS devices, tablets and smartphones, are enabled for the wireless sharing with the Modena device. Simply install the Modena App from the Apple App Store and start sharing your screen on the room display or receive the presentation directly on your device for maximum comfort and engagement.

Modena App minimum requirements

iOS: iOS 11 or higher

Connect to the Modena device

Either the company LAN or Modena Hub+ embedded access point can be used for network connectivity.

LAN connection

In case of LAN connection, the task of installing and configuring the Modena unit to make it visible to all users on the LAN is the Network Administrator’s responsibility. Under this configuration, your personal device will be able to access the Modena unit through the standard network configurations you already use to access your company LAN. 

Embedded Access Point connection (Modena Hub+ only)

Modena Hub+ offers the possibility to directly connect to the unit, provided that you are in the range of its embedded WiFi access point and that it's been configured to allow such a connection. To do so, on your device select the WiFi name (SSID) of the Modena Hub+ you want to connect to. By default, the radio band in use is 5Ghz, the SSID is "modenahub" and the password is "modenahub", but they may have been changed (recommended!). Ask your Network Administrator for the Modena Hub+ credentials. 

iOS app installation

To participate in a Modena session with a iOS mobile device, you need the Modena App. The iOS version is freely available on Apple App Store (Modena device page).

Your iOS app can be updated from your device app store. This can happen automatically or not, depending on the settings of your mobile device.

Starting or joining a session

To start or join a session, you must have the Modena App installed and running. You can start it from the icon you can find on your mobile. The actual appearance of Modena App icon depends on your OS and on your screen settings, but it will be similar to the following:


The actual appearance and proportions of the Modena App screen will depend on the size of your device screen and on the OS you are using, but it will be similar to the following:


The page lists the available rooms. On the right of each room name, a few icons inform you about the availability of a TV screen or of a webcam. By tapping on the star left of the selected room, you can add or remove any room from your favorite list (favorite rooms show on top of the list). Tapping on the magnifier and then entering a text, you can search a room by its name. Rooms whose name appears in bold have a session in progress, and if you select them, you join that session. If the room name is in regular font, by selecting it you start a new session. When joining a passcode-protected session started by someone else, you are required to enter the passcode.

Sending and receiving a presentation with iOS

Receiving a presentation

When you start a session, or when you join a session and nobody else is presenting, your screen shows the passcode. The passcode appears only if the room has been configured to be passcode-protected. In this case, you have to tell the passcode to the other participants in order to allow them to join your same session. If some other participant is already presenting, your screen shows the presenter's screen. If a multi-presentation is in progress, you can select which screen you want to receive, by keeping a finger on the screen until a selection window appears. When an annotation session is in progress, this selection window allows selecting the annotation layer.

When receiving a presentation, you can zoom into the received image: double-tap on the screen with three fingers to enter zoom mode. You can double tap with three fingers while keeping your fingers on the screen after the second tap to control zooming by moving your fingers up and down the screen. Double-tap with three fingers again to exit zoom mode.

Zoom mode is available when enabled from iOS: 

  • Open iOS Settings
  • Choose General
  • Select Accessibility
  • Select Zoom and enable it


In order to present with iOS, you must enable Screen Recording:

  • Open iOS Settings
  • Choose Control Center
  • Enable Access Within Apps
  • Select Customize Controls
  • Include Screen Recording


To become the presenter you have to:

  • Swipe up from the bottom of your screen
  • Press and hold the Record button
  • Find and select the Modena App in the list
  • Tap Start Broadcast


To stop presenting, you have to:

  • Swipe up from the bottom of your screen
  • Press the Record button

Leaving a session

To leave the current session, click on the three-dots button to open the Menu, then select the Disconnect item.

If you are the only remaining participant of the session, Modena automatically closes the session and makes the room available again for new sessions. When you leave a session, the Modena App will not close itself, remaining available in your Tray Area.

Using Modena in video conferences

When sessions involve people located remotely, the Modena device can play an effective role in supporting the teamwork and maximize the participant's experience. The Modena solution integrates perfectly with most video-conference software, doesn't force you to adopt any particular tool, and allows you to use the program you are familiar with, or that better suits your needs. When a participant of a session starts a video call on his PC/device, he can simply start presenting to make the remote participants visible on the room display/projector or on the other participants' screens, if they're receiving the presentation. Mobile devices do not permit installing a driver and using an external camera, thus the Wireless Webcam feature is available only for the desktop version of Modena App.

Mobile audio handling

Modena App for mobiles doesn't manage the audio streams, neither input nor output.

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