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Modena wireless presentation from a web browser

With Modena Hub laptops, tablets and mobile devices can both share screens with a room display and receive content presented by others using a standard web browser.

Modena Wireless Presentation from Biamp on Vimeo.


Connect to the Modena device

Modena can either be connected to through the company LAN or the Modena Hub+ embedded access point.

LAN connection

If the wired LAN connection is used, your Network Administrator will need to ensure that Modena is configured to make it visible to all users. In this configuration, your personal device will be able to access Modena with the same network settings you would normally use to access your company network. 

Embedded Access Point connection (Modena Hub+ only)

Modena Hub+ supports direct WiFi connections, provided that you are in the range of its embedded WiFi access point and it has been suitably configured by your administrator. To connect, select the WiFi name (SSID) of the Modena Hub+. By default, the radio band uses the 5Ghz band, the SSID is "modenahub" and the password is "modenahub", but they may have been changed (recommended!). Ask your Network Administrator for the Modena Hub+ credentials. 

Finding the IP address of a Modena unit

If you attend a session using your web browser, you will need to know the IP address of the Modena unit in order to connect. If Modena is connected to the company LAN, its IP address is either dynamically assigned by DHCP or statically assigned during configuration. If the unit is connected to a display or projector and no presentation is in progress, you can read its IP address on the welcome screen. Modena Hub+ units may have two IP addresses: one for the wired Company LAN connection and one for the embedded WiFi network adapter (default Use the second IP address if you are connecting to the local AP of the Modena Hub+. If none of the previous methods is possible, contact the Network Administrator to get the IP address.

Web browser access

The Modena wireless sharing system allows you to start or attend a presentation session using just your web browser without the need to install any software. For this clientless, web-based service, a WebRTC capable browser is required. At the time of writing, compatible web browsers for Windows 10, MacOS and Linux include Chrome 83, Firefox 76 and Edge 83.

To use this method, start your web browser, type the IP address in the address bar and press Enter. If you are connecting to this Modena unit for the first time, and there's no custom HTTPS certificate loaded on the Modena device, your browser will show a security warning. This happens because the default SSL certificate provided by the Modena web server is self-signed. This is a normal situation with secure servers located on embedded systems. You have to confirm you want to proceed.



Once confirmed, the Modena unit home page appears:


Start or join the session

When the home page appears, participants are required to type a name (saved for future connections) and - if enabled - the room passcode. The passcode will appear on the welcome screen and in the browser/client window of the presenter and any connected participants. The passcode is a random four digit number, automatically generated each time the first participant starts a session

Passcode entry requirements can be configured in the room page of the web admin as follows:

  • Passcode protection disabled: neither the first nor subsequent participants are required to enter a passcode.
  • Passcode protection enabled, do not force passcode request to first participant:  The participant who starts the presentation is not required to enter a passcode. Additional participants need to enter a passcode.
  • Passcode protection enabled, force passcode request to first participant: Both the first and all additional participants are required to enter a passcode.

Finally, click the Join button to enter the presentation session.

Sending and Receiving a Presentation

After starting or joining a session, you are ready to start your presentation.


If another participant is already presenting their screen, you can:

  • Become the presenter (replacing the current one)
  • Add your screen  to the presentation
  • Receive the presentation on your device

If you start presenting your screen, your browser will show a screen similar to the following one, where you can choose what to share:


When receiving a presentation, you can make the presentation full-screen by double-clicking it. If multiple screens are presented at the same time you can right click your screen to choose which presented screen you want to receive.

During the presentation

During the presentation, the presentation control page changes and now you can:

- Stop the presentation: you will not be sharing your screen anymore
- Lock the presentation: no other participant will be able to present their screen, until you unlock the presentation again. 


Leaving a session

To leave a session, click on the three-dots menu on the top right of your browser page, then select the Disconnect item:



Presentation audio handling (Windows and MacOS only)


  • Modena audio drivers installed
  • User connected to the Modena room (in session), either using the Modena app or the browser
  • Modena Virtual Audio Device selected as system speaker on the computer

Audio output

The USB audio device connected to the Modena Hub is the default audio output device. If multiple USB devices are connected to the Modena Hub, the web console configuration allows selection of the desired output device. If no USB devices are connected to the Modena Hub, the default audio output is the HDMI port. On the web console configuration it is possible to change the priority, selecting the HDMI output when USB audio devices are connected.

Please note: Audio is only sent to devices which are directly connected to the Modena Hub; there is no audio output on personal devices.

Audio output on Android TV

Android TV devices work like HDMI connected devices and receive audio.

WebRTC audio

When a browser is used to share the presentation to the room display, on some browsers it is possible to tick an audio checkbox on the WebRTC sharing dialog. The dialog then asks to select the sharing source, for example: desktop, application, or tab. Modena has its own audio management system and the user should not tick this checkbox.

Audio level

The audio level setting is on the web admin configuration, on the USB page.


iOS and Android involved in a Modena Hub session don't have audio capability.