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Using Modena with AndroidTV devices

Displays or projectors equipped with Android TV dongles and native Android TV displays can connect to the Modena unit to receive the presentation like with any laptop, tablet or smartphone. This is a flexible solution when we need to connect additional repeater displays or when the HDMI connection to the main unit is not possible. Simply connect one or more Android TV devices to the network, select the room with the remote controller and enjoy the wireless presentation from another viewer!

Modena App minimum requirements

Android TV: Android 8 or higher

Connect to the Modena device

Either the company LAN or Modena Hub+ embedded access point can be used for network connectivity.

LAN connection

In case of LAN connection, the task of installing and configuring the Modena unit to make it visible to all users on the LAN is the Network Administrator’s responsibility. Under this configuration, your personal device will be able to access the Modena unit through the standard network configurations you already use to access your company LAN. 

Embedded Access Point connection (Modena Hub+ only)

Modena Hub+ offers the possibility to directly connect to the unit, provided that you are in the range of its embedded WiFi access point and that it's been configured to allow such a connection. To do so, on your device select the WiFi name (SSID) of the Modena Hub+ you want to connect to. By default, the radio band in use is 5Ghz, the SSID is "modenahub" and the password is "modenahub", but they may have been changed (recommended!). Ask your Network Administrator for the Modena Hub+ credentials. 

Installing the TV app

To receive the presentation of a Modena room session with an Android TV, or with an Android TV box or dongle connected to your TV, you need the Android version of the Modena App, which is freely available on the Google Play/Amazon Fire app stores. Please follow your device instructions to know how to download and install apps.

Your Android TV app can be updated from your device app store. This can happen automatically or not, depending on the settings of your device.

Starting or joining a session

To start or join a session, you must have the Modena App installed and running. You can start it from the icon found on your TV screen. The actual appearance of the Modena App icon depends on your device and on the Android version it is running, but it will be similar to the following:


The actual appearance and proportions of the Modena App screen will depend on the size of your device screen and on the OS you are using. The room selector in the center of the page lists the available rooms. On the right of the currently selected room, a few icons inform you about the availability of a TV screen or of a webcam. Rooms whose name appears in bold when selected, have a session in progress, and if you select them you join that session. If the room name is in regular font, by selecting it you start a new session. Use the arrows of your remote to select a room, and then click with the Enter button to start/join a session in that room. When joining a passcode-protected session started by someone else, you are required to enter the passcode.

Receiving a presentation

When you start a session and the room has been configured to be passcode-protected, the passcode appears and you have to tell the passcode to the other participants to allow them to join your same session. If some other participant is already presenting, your screen shows the presenter's screen. If a multi-presentation is in progress, you can select which screen you want to receive: keep the Enter button of your remote pressed for a few seconds, then a selection window appears.

Leaving a session

To leave the current session, click on the three-dots button to open the Menu, then select the Disconnect item.

If you are the only remaining participant of the session, Modena automatically closes the session and makes the room available again for new sessions.


The Modena App default configuration works for most situations. However, you can customize its settings to make it suit your needs and preferences. Tap on the three-dots button in the Toolbar to open the Menu, then select the Settings item.

The Settings window is organized in sections, which will be described below. Some of the options can be changed only when you're not connected to a room. 

Room info

This section appears only when you are connected to a room, and shows the info about the room itself. 

  • Room name: the name of the room you are connected to
  • Passcode: the passcode of the current session, if any
  • Connected participants: the number of participants connected to the current session
  • Hub name: the name of the Modena unit you are connected to. Next to the name, there is a clickable link to the IP address of the Modena unit, that can be used to reach its administration  page, or to be communicated to participants who want to connect with a web browser.


  • My name: identifies the Presenter in the Presentation window when the Show my name on presentation option is selected
  • Show my name: if enabled, when presenting your screen your name will appear at the bottom of the presentation. The Add passcode option makes the passcode of the session (if any) appear next to your name when you are presenting
  • Show passcode: if enabled, makes the passcode of the session (if any) appear next to your name when you are presenting
  • Enable zoom with triple tap: if enabled, when you receive a presentation on your device, you can triple tap on the screen to zoom in the received screen
  • Automatically lock presentation: if enabled, when you start a presentation you will be automatically locked in, so as nobody else can take the presenter's role until you explicitly unlock it
  • Encode presentation at 1080p (heavy CPU load): if enabled, this option increases the resolution of screen sent during presentations, at the price of a higher CPU load
  • Disable hardware decoder: this option forces the system to use only software decoder. This enhance the compatibility with the most of the Android devices but affects the performances

Personal room

  • Enable personal room: a personal room is a room which, before a session is started, is visible only to the users who have its access code typed in this field. After a session is started, the room becomes visible to everyone, as a regular room. This approach allows reserving rooms for some users (see also Configuring the Modena general and room settings)
  • Join the room at launch: when this option is enabled, the personal room is enabled and configured, the Android device automatically connect to the room at the launch of the Modena App


  • Current version: the version of the Modena App you have in use
  • Support: a clickable link that you can use to reach the support page

Audio output on Android TV

Android TV devices work like HDMI-connected devices and receive audio.

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