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Parlé Beamtracking API Resources

The Biamp Beamtracking™ API enables manufacturers, such as PTZ camera manufacturers, to utilize Beamtracking data from Biamp Parlé microphones for equipment directionality. The following resources provide detailed information about our Parlé Beamtracking technology and how to integrate it with your products.




Tesira Resource Page

The Tesira Resource page offers comprehensive documentation for Tesira products and Tesira Text Protocol (TTP). These resources include detailed information on TTP command syntax, subscriptions, and attribute tables. Additionally, the site covers system design, software setup, device configuration, troubleshooting tips, and support resources.

Suggested Articles

These resources will guide you through understanding and implementing the Biamp Beamtracking API, enabling enhanced control and integration with your PTZ cameras and other equipment.

Parlé Series Beamtracking Microphones

Summary: Overview of the Parlé series microphones and their Beamtracking capabilities, including the technology's functionality and benefits in conferencing environments.

Individual Beam Outputs

Summary: Details on the individual beam outputs of Parlé microphones, covering beam generation, tracking, and usage in various audio scenarios.

Tesira Text Protocol Overview

Summary: Introduction to the Tesira Text Protocol (TTP), explaining its purpose, functionality, and basic commands for system control.

TTP Syntax

Summary: Detailed syntax guide for the Tesira Text Protocol, including command structures, syntax rules, and examples for effective use.

TTP Subscriptions

Summary: Explanation of subscription mechanisms in the Tesira Text Protocol, detailing how to subscribe to and manage data streams.

TTP Attribute Tables for Microphone Blocks

Summary: Attribute tables for TCM-1 and TCM-1A microphone blocks, providing detailed information on available attributes and their configurations.

Custom Processing Catalog

Summary: Catalog of custom processing options for Parlé microphones, including configuration and optimization techniques for different applications.

Control Block Overview

Summary: Overview of the control block for Parlé microphones, including control options and implementation details for managing microphone settings.

Using Custom Presets

Summary: Guide on using custom presets with Parlé microphones, detailing preset creation, application, and management for various use cases.

Room Tuning Guide

Summary: Instructions on tuning rooms with Parlé microphones, covering setup procedures, tuning techniques, and best practices for optimal audio performance.​​​​​​



Integration Example: AVer PTZ Link Software

The Biamp Beamtracking API has been successfully integrated by AVer with its PTZ Link software running on a computer or the AVer MT300N box. This software-based solution demonstrates the API's potential for seamless integration with PTZ camera systems. Below are resources detailing this integration:

Tesira AVer Configuration

Summary: This document provides detailed configuration instructions for systems integrators setting up a system with AVer PTZ Link software running an AVer PTZ camera and Biamp Parlé Beamtracking microphones. It includes setup steps, necessary settings, and troubleshooting tips to ensure smooth operation.

Biamp-AVer FAQ

Summary: A comprehensive FAQ addressing common questions from integrators and end users about the Biamp-AVer integration. This resource covers key aspects of the integration process, compatibility concerns, and optimization tips for achieving the best results.



More information

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