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Integrating Desono™ loudspeakers and AMP-450BP backpack amplifiers

This article provides information on the AMP-450BP PoE-powered Backpack Amplifier and integration with the Desono™ C-IC6 and C-IC6LP Conferencing Loudspeaker. Operating specifications and installation and setup procedures can be found in the amplifier's product data sheet and user manual.



Hardware overview

AMP-450BP Backpack Amplifierclipboard_ee94cd40721228315399da1799b4a3c36.png

The AMP-450BP is a 4-channel, AVB-enabled, PoE+ powered (IEEE 802.3at Class 4, 30W) audio amplifier designed specifically for use with the Desono™ C-IC6 and C-IC6LP conferencing loudspeaker. It has the same specifications and patent-pending Burst Power found in the Biamp AMP-450P amplifier; however, rather than the euroblock connectors, the "BP" version utilizes RJ-45 connectors and standard CAT cable for terminating speaker connections.


BPAK Backpack Clip Kit

The AMP-450BP mounts to the top of the C-IC6 and C-IC6LP in a "backpack" style using the BPAK Backpack Clip Kit which includes an optional cover for protecting connections at both the amplifier and loudspeaker. The BPAK can be used with the AMP-450BP, AMP-450P, TCM-XA, and TCM-X.


C-IC6 clip kit 1C-IC6 clip kit 2C-IC6 clip kit 3


Desono C-IC6 and C-IC6LP Conferencing LoudspeakerDesono C-IC6

The Desono™ C-IC6 and C-IC6LP conferencing loudspeaker is a 6.5" 2-way 8-ohm loudspeaker optimized for use with the AMP-450BP. It includes RJ-45 connectors for quick and simple installation when using the AMP-450BP or TCM-XA amplifiers. There is also a 4-pin euroblock connector to support integration with the AMP-450P, TCM-1A, or other traditional amplifier solutions. 


Desono P6 and P6-SM Pendant LoudspeakersDesono P6 and P6-SM.PNG

The Desono P6 and P6-SM are 6.5" 2-way 6-ohm passive coaxial loudspeakers intended for full-range music reproduction in distributed audio applications. They have a 70V/100V tap (60W, 30W, 15W, 7.5W, 3.75W, 1.875W) with low impedance (6-ohm) bypass for direct drive. 

When used with AMP-450P or AMP-450BP the 4-ohm output option should be chosen, with 1 speaker connected per output channel. 

Scotchlok™ connectors are provided for easy wire connections when the pendant speakers are installed (2 per pendant). Each connector can secure an input, output, and pass-through wire. Directions for wiring can be reviewed in the Desono P6 / P6-SM Installation & Operation Guide.




Tesira software and firmware versions 3.11 or later include support for the AMP-450BP.clipboard_ea01eac9d2f5b0fdb60aded1d068f3e9d.png 

The Tesira PoE AMP can be found in the Amplifiers menu, which can be found under the I/O Blocks section of the Object Toolbar. When adding this to a Tesira layout, a PoE AMP Initialization dialog will appear, where Channel Count and Device Type can be selected.

Channel Count allows for 1-4 channels to be designated and indicates the corresponding power available per output channel with each configuration.

Device Type allows for selection of either the AMP-450P or AMP-450BP.

450BP Channel Count.pngclipboard_e86d944e91a9e49dc31af901ce5de8604.png

Once you select OK on the Initialization dialog, the corresponding block will be added to the file. Below is an image of the block and Control dialog. The last column to the right includes a drop-down menu for Speaker Count. This selection is equivalent to 8-ohm or 4-ohm in the AMP-450P, where 1 speaker = 8-ohms, 2 speakers = 4-ohms. The AMP-450BP will support up to 2 speakers daisy chained off of a single output and this setting should be configured accordingly. Additional information on the controls and monitoring available from this block can be found in the Tesira Help File.

AMP450BP Control.png

clipboard_ebbca52fa00ac56170e361643e73bc265.pngA Tesira Library File (.tlf) is available to assist with the deployment and commissioning of systems that include the Desono C-IC6 or C-IC6LP. Th file includes a custom block with Biamp's recommended EQ curves to optimize the sound of the C-IC6 or C-IC6LP loudspeaker. The block should be added just before any output connecting to a C-IC6 or C-IC6LP.

The Desono Loudspeakers Tesira Library File is included in the Processing Library within Tesira software. It can be easily included in any Tesira configuration file by dragging and dropping the desired blocks. Additional information on the Processing Library can be found in the help file.



AMP-450P vs AMP-450BPParle Amps 450BP 450P stack.png

AMP-450P was the precursor to the AMP-450BP. Their external dimensions are the same. They feature the same 4 channels of amplification but AMP-450P has (2) 4-pin male Phoenix output connectors rather than (4) RJ-45 jacks.  

  • Four channels: 50W (4Ω) or 30W (8Ω) Burst Power per channel
  • Software-selectable power vs. channel count:
    • 3W continuous power per channel with 4 channels used (4Ω or 8Ω)
    • 7W continuous power per channel with 2 channels used (4Ω or 8Ω)
    • 15W continuous power per channel with 1 channel used (4Ω or 8Ω) 




Parle Amps TCM-1A TCM-XA stack.pngThe Parle ceiling mic models TCM-XA and TCM-1A each offer 2 channels of amplification. They can be a good alternative to the AMP-450P or AMP-450BP when ceiling mics are being used. The TCM-XA comes with (2) RJ-45 connectors. The TCM-1A comes with (1) 4-pin male Phoenix connector. 

  • Two channels: 40W (4Ω) or 30W (8Ω) Burst Power per channel
  • Software-selectable power vs. channel count:
    • 4W continuous power per channel with 2 channels used (4Ω or 8Ω)
    • 8W continuous power per channel with 1 channel used (4Ω or 8Ω)



Cabling and connectionsclipboard_ebc3ffeb8371a11d0ab5a802edd87053d.png

Category cable and RJ-45 connectors are typically used for network communication and audio/video transport in AV systems. However, they can also be used for loudspeaker connections.

The ANSI TIA/EIA 568 standard indicates that the individual conductors in a CAT cable are required to be between 22 AWG and 26 AWG. AWG wire gauges are based on the cross-sectional area of the wire. When multiple wires are used in parallel the resulting AWG is based on the total cross-sectional area of all wires summed together.

Standard CAT cable has 4 pairs of conductors (8 wires). The table below shows the equivalent gauge with 4 of these conductors in parallel. By using 2 sets of 4 conductors in parallel, 22 AWG CAT cable is equivalent to a common 16/2 speaker cable. A 26 AWG CAT cable is equivalent to a 20/2 speaker cable.

CAT Wire Gauge 4x Equivalent Gauge 
26 AWG 20 AWG
24 AWG 18 AWG
23 AWG 17 AWG
22 AWG 16 AWG

Both the C-IC6 and AMP-450BP utilize pins 1,2,3, and 6 for speaker (+) and pins 4,5,7, and 8 for speaker (-). 

This equates to pairs 1 and 4 (Blue/Brown) for speaker (-) and pairs 2 and 3 (Orange/Green) for speaker (+). Due to this assignment, the resultant connection will be correct regardless of whether T568-A or T-568-B is used. Even a crossover cable will end up with the same pairs utilized for speaker (+) and speaker (-).
.Condor RJ45 Pinout.png

Condor Wires in RJ45.png

The maximum recommended distance from the AMP-450BP to the C-IC6 or C-IC6LP is 40 meters or about 130 feet. At this distance, there will be an approximately a 3dB loss at the speaker. However, this is specified with the worst-case scenario of using a 26AWG CAT cable.

The below table shows the distance at which there would be just 1dB of loss to the speaker. With a 26 AWG CAT cable, the distance before 1dB of loss is almost 15 meters (50 feet). With the AMP-450BP mounted at the speaker location, cable lengths are usually shorter than when having to make it back to a rack-mounted amplifier in a remote location. Standard CAT-5e cable generally uses 24 AWG conductors, which will allow for runs up to 23 meters (75 feet) before a loss of 1dB is incurred.

CAT Wire Gauge 4x Equivalent Gauge  Length (1dB loss to 8Ω speaker)
26 AWG 20 AWG 46.25 ft.
24 AWG 18 AWG 75.09 ft.
23 AWG 17 AWG 92.90 ft.
22 AWG 16 AWG 119.3 ft.

Please note that there is no designation or recommendation made regarding the type of CAT cable to use outside of wire gauge. Shielded cable is NOT required. CAT5e or CAT6a will work just fine, but so will any other standards-based category cable terminated with RJ-45 connectors.


C-IC6 / C-IC6LP input connectors - internal wiring topology

The RJ-45 and euroblock connectors are wired in parallel on the C-IC6 and C-IC6LP model loudspeakers.

A mix of RJ-45 and Euroblock connections can be used as needed depending on the requirements of the installation, for example, connecting to a single AMP-450P or AMP-450BP amplifier channel and daisy chaining 2 loudspeakers together. 

Only 1 amplifier channel connection is permitted per loudspeaker run, the AMP-450 amplifiers use an internally bridged architecture which does not allow external bridging of channels.

C-IC6 input connections - internal wiring topology











Biamp CCA for non-Desono speakers

The Biamp Category Cable Adapter can be used to simplify wiring when using an AMP-450BP with speakers that do not utilize Biamp’s category cable connectivity. This eliminates the need to terminate and dress multiple conductors to the Euroblock connector in the field while preserving the easy, fast, inexpensive RJ-45/CAT Cable installation experience. 

  • Converts category cable to speaker wire by adapting RJ-45 plugs to 4-pin Euroblock connectors.             
  • Provides single cable simplicity for all Biamp projects. Can be used for both direct wire or daisy chain installations.
  • Choose any speaker you need for the application.
  • Plenum Rated
  • Verify the pinout of the specific speaker you are using before following the diagrams below. Some speaker pinouts are different than those shown below.

Direct connection using Category Cable Adapter with standard CAT5 cabling.

The CCA will come wired as depicted below making it compatible with both Desono CM-Series and Desono DX-Series loudspeakers.



Daisy Chain connection using Category Cable Adapter with standard CAT5 cabling. 

Parallel connection using CCA requires two adapters per daisy-chained loudspeaker. Remove the Euroblock from one CCA adapter, and attach that RJ-45 cable to the second Euroblock connector matching the manufacturer's pinout for parallel connectivity. End of line speaker can be connected with a single CCA adapter as shown in the diagram below. 





Biamp CCA for Desono with other amplifiers

CCA x2png-alt.png 

In addition to integration with amplifiers that utilize Biamp's RJ45 speaker connection, the Biamp Category Cable Adapter can also be used to allow for an additional wiring option when using Desono C-IC6 or C-IC6LP loudspeakers with amplifiers that utilize a standard Euroblock output connector such as the AMP-460H, AMP-450P, or a 3rd party amplifier. The Desono C-IC6 and C-IC6LP utilize both RJ45 and Euroblock connections for versatility making connectivity via CAT5 or conventional speaker cable available. Connectivity via CAT5 cabling simplifies field termination and install time. Verify the provided euroblock connector wiring matches the manufacturer pinout for the amplifier. The adapter may also be used with the output connector that is provided with the amplifier as a single or dual connection as shown in the diagram below utilizing a pair of Category Cable Adapters. Adapters are rated for up to 300V load. 







Biamp CCA extender with bare copper tails on each end

A pair of Biamp CCA can be used with category cable to quickly and easily make a standard pigtail-style speaker wire using category cable. Remove the Euroblocks from each Biamp CCA. Run the category cable as needed. Place one Biamp CCA at each end and connect to the speaker and amp.