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Netgear NMS-NG10GPX-AVB with Qt X Quick start guide

This article provides an overview of the Netgear M4250-10G2XF-PoE+ switch as resold under Biamp part number NMS-NG10GPX-AVB. The switch is configured with a default file allowing out-of-box functionality for Qt X systems with the ability to scale up to a 6-switch limit using daisy chain or bus topologies.

               NMS-NG10GPX-AVB (M4250-10G2XF-PoE+)

Switch Overview

A default AVB configuration is loaded on the switches that ship from Biamp along with an active AVB license.

This default enables AVB on all ports and will only assign ports to default AVB VLAN 2 if an AVB device is connected. Testing has shown in a single switch setup for Dante traffic, no additional steps are needed, and if a non-AVB device is connected, it will not join the default AVB VLAN.

PoE+ is available on ports 1 - 8, providing 240W PoE+ power​ for a full configuration of 8 Qt X 800s (each at 30W max).

If additional Dante-specific settings are needed, the profile may be changed to Audio Dante via the switch's web UI.




Default Configuration File: Biamp Default NMS-NG10GPX-AVB


Single switch configuration 

In the single-device configuration, the switch can supply PoE power for up to (8) Qt X 800 controllers or support any combination of controller types across the 10 LAN ports. Ports 9 and 10 have the flexibility to support additional Qt X controllers, AVB or Dante input devices, or management PC connections.

Note: Avoid using fiber media converters on the SFP ports to extend to QT X controllers located farther than 100m from the main switch when using AVB as the media type. The current peer delay maximum does not support this topology in AVB mode. Fiber media converters may be used with Dante model controllers while using in a Dante media-type topology.

All ports may be used for any type of traffic to support the needs of the system. It is important to note that PoE+ power is only supplied on ports 1 - 8. This allows for 30W max per port.

Qt X Topology Example



Daisy Chain 

In a daisy chain, each switch can supply PoE power for up to (8) Qt X 800 controllers or support any combination of controller types across the 8 LAN ports. Ports 9 and 10 are used for uplinks between switches but may also be sued as AVB input locations or PC configuration ports.

  • In this topology, only 6 total Netgear switches have been tested and are supported. If more switches are used or needed in this design, additional configuration or star topologies may be required.

Switch Daisy Chain Topology Example




Qt X Daisy Chain Topology Example

       Qt X Daisy-Chain Topology Example


  • The links between floors in the example above are shown using standard copper cabling. The NMS-NG10GX-AVB also has SFP+ ports available to allow for fiber between riser locations. The switch topology is set up the same way if this method is used.  Netgear-approved Gigabit SFP modules are recommended when using this topology.

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